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Cloister Court from Old Hall - Queens' May Ball 2003

For several years, I was commissioned to take photographs of Clare May Ball for publicity purposes. I've gone on to cover other balls, some of which are shown here. It's partly as a result of this experience that I tend to specialise in low-light photography.

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Survivors - Clare May Ball 2005 - 2005 May Balls

2005 May Balls

I spent a very tiring May Week in June 2005 photographing Robinson, Clare, Queens' and Corpus balls for Occasional Photography Ltd. It was enormous fun and the whole team took great pictures.

Clare May Ball 2004

Clare May Ball 2004

The 2004 Clare May Ball took place on 14 June 2004. I was once again asked by Clare May Ball's committee to photograph the evening, so that the following year's committee would have good pictures to help publicise the ball and gain sponsorship.

Vodka luge - Queens' May Ball 2003

Queens' May Ball 2003

Queens' May Ball was held on Tuesday 17 June 2003. It was the 90th anniversary of Balls at Queens'. I was commissioned to take these pictures for use in publicity for future Balls.

Clare Bridge during Clare May Ball - 2001 May Balls

2001 May Balls

I didn't actually go to any Balls this year, but thought I'd see what the view was like from on and under Garett Hostel bridge.

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