Photography by Paul Troughton

The backs, by night - Cambridge in the snow, January 2004

This site contains photographs by Paul Troughton, a freelance photographer formerly based in Cambridge, UK, but now relocated to Melbourne, Australia.

The best man's speech - Lucy and Will's Wedding


I got involved in wedding photography by being talked into being an official wedding photographer a few times by friends. Since everyone is always so happy with the results, and I rather enjoy it, I changed my policy, and started accepting commissions in 2003.

Fireworks over the Erasmus Lawn - Queens' May Ball 2003


For several years, I was commissioned to take photographs of Clare May Ball for publicity purposes. I've gone on to cover other balls, some of which are shown here. It's partly as a result of this experience that I tend to specialise in low-light photography.

Jerome Davies (bass) and Sean Hargreaves (piano) - Caroline Nin

Clare Cellars

We've had some great bands in Clare Cellars. There are photos here of the Jason Rebello Trio and the James Taylor Quartet.

Lauren, singing from City of Angels - Eclectic Cabaret at Cafe Afrika, February 2004


Apart from my Clare Cellars collection, I have photographed a number of bands elsewhere.

Chateau roof tiles - Burgundy - Ancient photographs

Ancient photographs

This is a selection of photographs from my back catalogue, taken prior to the launch of my first photo website in 1996.

There are some further images which are not included in the above categories. You can find these by searching by month. If you already know the number of the image you are looking for, enter it here: and press .

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