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Balls (continued)

Fireworks over the Erasmus Lawn - Queens' May Ball 2003

For several years, I was commissioned to take photographs of Clare May Ball for publicity purposes. I've gone on to cover other balls, some of which are shown here. It's partly as a result of this experience that I tend to specialise in low-light photography.

Please have a look round the rest of the site to see some other nice photos!

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Clare May Ball 2000

Clare May Ball 2000

The 2000 Ball was an instant sell-out due to months of on-again off-again speculation resulting from College awkwardness.

Clare May Ball 1999

Clare May Ball 1999

The theme in 1999 was Heaven and Hell, and it must have been one of the best balls for a long time.

Fireworks over Clare Bridge - Clare May Ball 1998

Clare May Ball 1998

This is as far back as I'm going with the balls at the moment!

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