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August 2005

Downing College, Cambridge - Rachel and Barnaby's Wedding

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Lucy and James's Wedding

Lucy & James's Wedding

Lucy & James got married in the chapel at Emma in August 2005.

Rachel and Barnaby's Wedding

Rachel & Barnaby's Wedding

Rachel & Barnaby got married on a very damp day in August 2005.

Serious backlighting! - Jemma and Brent's Wedding

Jemma & Brent's Wedding

Jemma & Brent got married in August 2005.

Amy and Toby's Wedding

Amy & Toby's Wedding

Amy & Toby got married in Standon Church, then had a reception at Amy's parents' farm in Mill End.

Ona and Adrian's Wedding

Ona & Adrian's Wedding

Adrian & Ona got married on a damp day in August 2005 in the chapel of Trinity College, and then held a reception in Gonville & Caius College.

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Sophie Troughton - Cambridge
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