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March 2005

David Harvey, Sibelius - AES UK Convergence Conference

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Caroline and Alan's Wedding

Caroline & Alan's Wedding

Caroline & Alan's wedding was held in March 2005 at the beautiful Wimpole Hall.

St John's College Chapel

St John's College Chapel

I was commissioned to shoot an image of a chorister in the chapel for use by a German advertising agency to promote St John's College Choir's 2005 tour of Austria and Germany. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to show that image publicly. However, I took a few more pictures during that shoot, which you can see here.

Rachel and Greg's Wedding

Rachel & Greg's Wedding

Rachel & Greg got married at The Temple in Little Abington in late March 2005.

Roy Campbell, Colroy - AES UK Convergence Conference

AES UK Convergence Conference

The British section of the AES held its 20th conference on 31 March and 1 April 2005. For the first time, it left London, to become a residential conference in Cambridge. The subject, Convergence, proved extremely popular, and the event was packed. The conference finished with a candlelit dinner at Magdelene College. I also have pictures of the experimental Audio Technical Education Day on the following day.

So far, I only have some pictures here from the second day, and the dinner. Some more will follow shortly.

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John Joyce, posing for a lighting test - Cambridge
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