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July 2004

Thunderclouds over Cambridge, July 2004

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Liz and Martin's Blessing

Liz & Martin's Blessing

Liz and Martin's marriage blessing service was held in Christ's College chapel in July 2004. The weather was rather unkind, so alas they couldn't hold the whole reception outdoors as planned.

Sally and Mark's wedding reception

Sally & Mark's wedding reception

Sally and Mark had already booked a wedding photographer, but liked my low-light work so much that they booked me as well, just to cover the evening festivities. The reception was at Magdelene College in July 2004, and they were punted away at the end of the night!

Elaine and Mark's wedding punt trip

Elaine & Mark's wedding punt trip

In July 2004, Elaine and Mark, and all their guests, were punted by Scudamore's from Magdelene bridge to their reception near Mill Lane.

Judy and Antti's Wedding

Judy & Antti's Wedding

Judy and Antti had a wonderful wedding in July 2004. The service was in St Mark's Church, and the reception in Wolfson College.

Anna and Rupert's Wedding

Anna & Rupert's Wedding

Anna & Rupert got married in July 2004 in Downing College.

Sara and Mark's Wedding

Sara & Mark's Wedding

Sara and Mark got married in July 2004 in Cambridge Register Office. They and their family then disappeared to Down Hall, near Stansted, for tea.

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