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August 2003

Kate - Toledo in August 2003

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Jo and Tony's Wedding

Jo & Tony's Wedding

Jo and Tony got married on 24 August 2003 in Downing College, Cambridge. It was my first Jewish wedding, and lots of fun.

Dad's 60th Birthday Party

Dad's 60th Birthday Party

Dad organised a party to celebrate the arrival of his BT pension on his 60th birthday, 26 August 2003.

Dad's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

Dad's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

The day after the party he knew about, we organised a surprise party for Dad's 60th birthday. Lots of old friends came. I think by that morning he'd worked out something was up, but had no idea what.

A quality wall - Toledo in August 2003

Toledo in August 2003

During our very brief surprise trip to Toledo, I found some rather fascinating walls...

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