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Weddings (continued)

Dav and Sam's Wedding

I got involved in wedding photography by being talked into being an official wedding photographer a few times by friends. My approach is fairly informal, and is often described as a reportage style. Since everyone is always so happy with the results, and I rather enjoy it, I changed my policy, and am now willing to accept commissions.

"Thank you so much for the photos. I chose you because I think you have real talent, and I was not disappointed. The pictures are super!"

My approach is rather different to that of most other professional wedding photographers in the UK: I charge a reasonable amount for the time I spend taking and processing the pictures, rather than charging ridiculous amounts for prints, or forcing you to buy a package with an expensive album. Because of this, I am willing to give you the negatives or high-resolution digital files.

Please note: I am not accepting any bookings in the UK beyond October 2005, as I'm planning on leaving the country. If you like my style of photography, I would recommend talking to Tom Catchesides & Helen Bartlett and Jean-Luc Benazet.

These pictures are from a few weddings I have covered, starting with the most recent. If you're looking for a particular wedding, and can't see it here, you could try searching by month, as weddings shot mostly on film generally don't appear here.

Click on any image to see a larger version, or on a title to see all images from that event.

Katy and Mike's Wedding

Katy & Mike's Wedding

Katy & Mike got married in Clare College chapel in April 2005.

Caroline and Alan's Wedding

Caroline & Alan's Wedding

Caroline & Alan's wedding was held in March 2005 at the beautiful Wimpole Hall.

Kara and Alan's Wedding

Kara & Alan's Wedding

Kara and Alan got married at Girton in January 2005.

Lucy and Daniel's Wedding

Lucy & Daniel's Wedding

Lucy and Daniel got married just before Christmas 2004, in the magnificent chapel of St John's College, and went on to have a reception in the Hall.

Fiona and Michael's Wedding

Fiona & Michael's Wedding

Fiona and Michael got married at the lovely, but very dim, Goldstone Hall, in Shropshire, in November 2004.

Rebecca and Matthew's Wedding

Rebecca & Matthew's Wedding

Rebecca and Mat got married at the University Arms, in Cambridge, in November 2004.

Amy and Lukas's Wedding

Amy & Lukas's Wedding

Amy and Lukas's wedding was held in October 2004 in the tiny chapel of St Edmund's College, and followed by a reception in the University Arms.

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