Sophie & Paul's Wedding


We got married on 9 July 2005. And what fun it was!

There may be some rather mismatched colours, due to the variety of different cameras being used. Apologies -- I'll go back and sort these out in some future life when I have more patience.

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Winifred Sumner - Before the service

Before the service

We got married in the Unitarian Church, in the centre of Cambridge. It was a bit of a squeeze to get everybody in.

Sophie and Paul - During the service

During the service

We wrote the service ourselves, in collaboration with the Minister, Andrew Brown. We were very happy with how it came out, and quite surprised that we ended up using a lot of fairly traditional wording.

Sophie and Paul - Formal pictures

Formal pictures

Neither of us really like formal pictures, so we took only the bare minimum.

Jean-Luc Benazet, looking non-plussed - After the service

After the service

After the service, we spilled across the road (and scaled the fence) onto Christ's Pieces.

Definitely from the same Star Trek species - The Guildhall, Cambridge - Reception


Through the hard work of many of our friends, the Guildhall was transformed from its usual place of harrowing exams and second-hand clothing sales.

First dance

First dance

Our rather speedy quickstep caught many photographers by surprise...

Paul and Sophie - The evening

The evening

We had an hour of ballroom dancing to the music of The Galaxy Big Band, a lucky find, followed by much ceilidh dancing to the fantastic music of Hekety and the excellent calling of Andrew Swaine.

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