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Dominic (continued)

Demonstrating his cow-tipping prowess - Dominic's first month

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Carlton Gardens, Melbourne - Dominic in Spring

Dominic in Spring

Getting more and more human all the time!

Dominic meeting his great-grandfather - Paraparaumu - Dominic's third month

Dominic's third month

In his third month, he went to Wellington.

Fascinated by bunnies - Dominic's second month

Dominic's second month

In his second month, he worked out how to smile!

In his classic legs-retracted pose - Dominic's first month

Dominic's first month

Dominic has been busy putting on weight and learning how to attack toy cows.

Dominic's first day

Dominic's first day

Dominic Edward was born on the afternoon of 6 August 2007, weighing 7lb 12oz (3.52kg).

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