Clare Cellars

Tom Herbert - Acoustic Ladyland

I've been doing sound in Clare Cellars for years. Occasionally I have a chance to get away from the mixing desk and take some photos of some of our more famous bands.

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Pete Wareham - Acoustic Ladyland

Acoustic Ladyland

Acoustic Ladyland played a fantastic gig in Clare Cellars on Sunday 8 May 2005.

Ambulance - Arnie Somogyi in Clare Cellars

Arnie Somogyi in Clare Cellars

Arnie Somogyi's band, Ambulance, played in Clare Cellars on 28 November 2004, their first gig after a couple of weeks at Ronnie Scott's.

Jerome Davies (bass) and Sean Hargreaves (piano) - Caroline Nin

Caroline Nin

Parisian singer Caroline Nin returned to Clare Cellars on Sunday 27 October 2002 to enthrall another Clare crowd with her Edith Piaf/Marlene Dietrich repertoire. Does anyone know the names of the rest of the band?

James Taylor - JTQ live in Clare Cellars

JTQ live in Clare Cellars

In February 2001, the James Taylor Quartet came to play in Clare Cellars, to widespead disbelief :-).

Jeremy Stacey - Jason Rebello Trio

Jason Rebello Trio

The Jason Rebello Trio played a blinding gig in Clare Cellars on 28 February 1999. You may be interested in the Varsity review of the concert and Jason Rebello's home page.

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